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Recent Progress:

This week (February 6, 2017):

  • Drilling work will be taking place in the Sandy Drainage Improvement Company which will result in the closure of 40-mile loop multi-trail from Sundial Road to Graham Road. The closure will be posted along the route. Find a map of the closure and an alternate route here.
  • Drilling work will begin taking place on the Marine Drive multi-use path between I-205 and the Gleason Boat Ramp in Portland. Drilling work will occur during daylight hours from, Wednesday, February 8th and Friday, March 3rd.  People using the path should slow down and carefully pass the heavy machinery. Signage will be placed on either end of the work zone to alert path users. People walking dogs must use leashes to keep curious dogs away from the heavy machinery. Be sure to wave to the drillers, they’re out there for our levee safety!

Coming Soon:

Later this month (February 2017), the drilling work will require traffic disruptions on Marine Drive. Levee Ready Columbia has worked with our partners at the Columbia Corridor Association, the Port of Portland, and the Cities of Portland, Gresham, Troutdale, and Fairview to plan the project so that it will have as little impact on traffic as possible while still providing a cost-effective and safe method for completing the work.