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Weigh in on the Corps’ initial alternatives

The US Army Corps of Engineers has successfully launched their New Start Feasibility Study of the Portland metropolitan area levee system, and as they work through the initial scoping phase, they would like to engage community members in discussing the study process, upcoming milestones, and the preliminary alternatives being developed. To begin the conversation, we’re

Launching the New Start

This week marked an important moment for Levee Ready Columbia and the Drainage Districts. On Wednesday, we celebrated the official launch of the US Army Corps of Engineers New Start Feasibility Study with a signing ceremony at Fairview City Hall. During the ceremony, Colonel Aaron Dorf, Commander of the Portland District of Army Corps, and Reed Wagner,

“Levee project wants regional taxing district to protect area from Columbia River floods” – LRC in Portland Tribune

February 15, 2018 – “Massive flood damages after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy caused the federal government to rethink its flood safety standards, which are pegged to flood insurance. The challenging new requirements prompted a multi-year project, led by Levee Ready Columbia, to upgrade the 27-mile levee system to meet higher federal standards.” Read the