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Flood Emergency Action Plan

August 23, 2016 – Recently, four of the drainage districts involved in Levee Ready Columbia adopted a new Flood Emergency Action Plan. The plan provides step by step actions for how the districts and other partners will respond to high water events on the Columbia River. For more information, visit the districts’ web site.

New Project Kickoff

8/4/2016 – Last week the Levee Ready Columbia administrative subcommittee reviewed and approved a project to inspect critical levee structures called “toe drains”. These structures, similar to “french drains” or “rock drains” are placed along the landward side of levees to capture and channel water seeping through the levees during high water events. These particular

Partnering in Preparedness

8/3/2016 – Last week Levee Ready Columbia met with the Regional Disaster Preparedness Organization to provide an update on our work. Levee Ready Columbia representatives MCDD and Metro discussed the history of the levee program, the partnership, the risk of flooding, and the need to continue working together to prepare for future high water events.