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Collaborative Leadership, Collaborative Funding, Collaborative Solutions

The levees are a community asset that impact the quality of life for almost everyone in the Portland Region.  They reduce the risk of flooding for neighborhoods, businesses, natural areas, interstate highways, the region’s second largest source of drinking water and the Portland International Airport. The Levee Ready Columbia partnership believes everyone effected by the levees should have a voice in determining the future of the levees. Therefore, Levee Ready Columbia includes representatives from neighborhoods, government agencies, environmental groups, and businesses. By including all of the stakeholders in the process, Levee Ready Columbia is better able to meet the diverse needs of our community.

On July 17, 2015, all of the Levee Ready Columbia partners came together to sign a Declaration of Cooperation. This document signifies each organization’s commitment to solving problems proactively and collaboratively. Through the Declaration of Cooperation, the partners came together to ensure that the levees will continue to provide the community with the benefits associated with a reduction in flood risk and strong federal partnerships.

jules-bailey“We’re at an important milestone, to codify our shared partnership to work together hand and hand for a safe and prosperous future. With so many important voices at the table, that shared work is not easy and we should not overlook how we got here. I salute and thank all of you for getting us to this point and want to start with thanking and recognizing Mayor Charlie Hales for co-convening the first phase. Signing on formally together today, solidifies [our] strength and makes sure we have a foundation for the future.” Multnomah County Commissioner Jules Bailey
“I’d like to thank the whole Oregon Solutions project team for having the vision to offer our representative a seat at the table. When selecting the solutions for alleviating deficiencies in the levees, we recognize the importance of considering the impact of the solution on the ecological function of the Slough. The remedies might very well further the Watershed Council’s mission to foster action to protect, enhance, restore, and revitalize the Slough and its watershed.” Bob Dolphin, Chair, Columbia Slough Watershed Council

“I believe we have a responsibility to execute our roles in partnership and collaboration with all of you. Therefore from the Corps’ perspective, I’m very honored and thankful to be at this table—so we can integrate our expertise, integrate our program, and help make sure that the levees do the job that they’re supposed to do in the best way that supports you and supports the environment.” Kevin Brice, US Army Corps of Engineers
Vic-Stibolt“In these fractious times it is a breath of fresh air to witness and participate in a process that recognizes a common goal and draws upon the will, knowledge and skills of districts, businesses, jurisdictions and citizens alike.” Vic Stibolt, Jubitz Corporation and President of Peninsula Drainage District #2.