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Drilling and Levee Investigations: General Info

The first step in the investigation is to conduct an above ground survey of the levee system, and identify all structures and vegetation on the levees. The next step is to explore the conditions of the levees beneath the surface.  To do this, Levee Ready Columbia drills boreholes and removes soil samples from the levees and on nearby land.

In 2014, Levee Ready Columbia’s geotechnical engineering consultants took soil samples at 135 boring locations in the PEN 1 and PEN 2 districts.  At nearly alDrill-Rigl of these locations, a drilling contractor drilled holes less than 8 inches in diameter, from 20 to 100 feet deep.

Now Levee Ready Columbia is investigating MCDD and SDIC, completing an additional 251 borings.

This project was funded in part with a financial award from the Special Public Works Fund and Regional Solutions, funded by the Oregon State Lottery and administered by the Oregon Infrastructure Finance Authority.

Recent News:

May 1, 2017 (FINAL UPDATE)

  • We have successfully completed the drilling work required for levee evaluations in MCDD and SDIC.
  • All of the drilling added up to about 9,000 feet – which is like drilling a hole from the top of Mt. St. Helens, to below sea level.
  • Average traffic delays for Marine Drive lane closures were 2-3 minutes.
  • The project was completed on schedule and under budget.

We’d like to thank the Columbia Corridor Association, the Portland Freight Committee, the City of Portland, the City of Gresham, the City of Troutdale, the City of Fairview, and Multnomah County for being excellent partners and working with us to make this project a success.

The soil samples taken during the drilling work will be used to create computer models to simulate how the levee will perform during a high water event. We expect the results of that work to be completed in the Fall. Check back on www.LeveeReadyColumbia.org or SIGN UP to receive occasional updates on our work.

Recent pictures from the field