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Drilling and Levee Investigations: General Info

The first step in the investigation is to conduct an above ground survey of the levee system, and identify all structures and vegetation on the levees. The next step is to explore the conditions of the levees beneath the surface.  To do this, Levee Ready Columbia drills boreholes and removes soil samples from the levees and on nearby land.

So far, Levee Ready Columbia’s geotechnical engineering consultants have taken soil samples at 135 boring locations in the PEN 1 and PEN 2 districts.  At nearly alDrill-Rigl of these locations, a drilling contractor drilled holes less than 8 inches in diameter, from 20 to 100 feet deep. To see approximately where this work occurred, look at the interactive map below. On the map you can see closest address and the approximate date for work at each boring location.

This project was funded in part with a financial award from the Special Public Works Fund and Regional Solutions, funded by the Oregon State Lottery and administered by the Oregon Infrastructure Finance Authority.

Recent News:

March 20, 2017

  • Levee evaluations continue to progress on schedule. Locations this week will vary along the entire length of the work area on Marine Drive between NE 33rd drive and NE 223rd Ave. Though the exact locations may vary depending on work progress, we expect the following:
    • March 21, lane closures will occur
      • on portions along the PDX runway.
      • near the intersection of Marine Drive and Interlachen Lane.
    • March 22, lane closures will occur
      • on portions along the PDX runway
      • just west of Interstate-205
      • between Interlachen Drive and 223rd Avenue.
    • March 23, lane closures will occur
      • on portions along the PDX runway.
      • near the intersection of Marine Drive and NE 185th Drive.
    • March 24, lane closures will occue
      • on portions along the PDX runway.
      • between NE 185th Drive and Interlachen Lane.
  • Lane closures will occur Monday-Friday from 6am – 7pm.
  • Please consider using alternate routes. See below for a map of planned lane closure locations by date and maps with alternate routes.
  • We are excited to report that the levee evaluations on Marine Drive continue to progress well. As of March 17, 2017, we are:
    • 79% complete (all borings 175/251)
      • 100% complete in SDIC (54/54)
      • 74% complete in MCDD (145/197)
      • 55% complete (24/44) for locations on Marine Drive.
      • 22 locations will be done from the water once all the locations on land are complete.

For more information you can read a brief overview of the project or visit our Project Library page to find detailed drilling work plans. All of the drilling is being conducted according to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers specifications  to ensure that the work does not result in damage to the levee or increased risk of flooding.

Maps of Drilling Locations and Alternate Travel Routes

Disclaimer: All locations and dates approximate.
Click the images in the gallery to enlarge them. Zoom in for details.

Recent pictures from the field