Photo of the 2018 Policy Makers Bike Ride
Policy Makers Bike Ride Takes to the Levees
The policymakers bike ride gathers decision makers, community leaders, academics, and...
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What's At Risk Handout in Four Languages
“What’s at Risk” available in four languages
We’re pleased to be able to share our “What’s at Risk” handout in four languages. Please download and share...
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Vanport Mosaic Festival Flyer for 2018
LRC participates in Vanport Festival
Thanks to everyone who came out for the US Army Corps of Engineers' open houses in December...
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a map of the boundaries for Pen 1, Pen 2, MCDD, & SDIC drainage districts along the Columbia Corridor
Portland Tribune: Shore up levee before it’s too late
The Portland area needs to learn from the experiences in New Orleans and Houston, where devastating urban floods - a decade apart - led to divisive...
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the Railroad Embankment at the western end of the levee system
Portland Tribune: When the levee breaks…the bank
Entire Portland area may be asked to help improve levee system via property tax-funded bonds...
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Drawing of a wave coming over the St Johns Bridge used by the Willamette Week for story about flooding
Willamette Week: Levees Protect Portland From Texas-Style Flooding
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Levees Protect Portland From Texas-Style Flooding in an Age of Extreme Weather. We’re Falling Behind on their Upkeep...
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Screenshot of Reporters during KGW News Coverage on Flooding Potential in Portland Area
KGW 8: ‘The risk is real’: Official warns of potential levee breaches, flooding
The jaw-dropping images out of Texas have left some along the Columbia River worried about how...
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Photo of a group of people standing by heavy equipment used to drill holes into a levee to assess its structural stability on a levee
Levee Drilling Program Complete!
As of May 1, 2017, Levee Ready Columbia successfully completed the drilling work required for...
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Signage displayed on Marine Drive during levee investigation
Marine Drive Levee Check-up Coming Soon
In the next few months Levee Ready Columbia is scheduled to begin investigating the levee on which...
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