Aerial photo of Peninsula Drainage District #1
Portland Tribune: Let it flow during next Columbia River flood?
Some want to let the river flow onto nearby green areas rather than replace the levee that failed in the 1948...
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photo of a levee and the columbia slough
Portland Tribune: Bills seek tax aid to shore up levee system
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All Portlanders might help pay to protect the city from Columbia River floods, if lawmakers vote to authorize...
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Oregon Capitol Building
2019 State Legislative Proposals
Oregon's 2019 legislative session began this week. Among the many issues that will be discussed in Salem, the Levee Ready Columbia partnership has worked with local legislators to introduce several bills: First, Senate Bill 254/House Bill 2323 authorize Business Oregon’s Infrastructure...
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photo of people walking on Broughton Beach along the Columbia River
Portland Tribune: County property owners may pay for flood control
County property owners may pay for flood control By Steve Law | published April 17, 2018 Columbia River levee system needs more funding to win federal approval, most of Multnomah County may be asked to share the funding load. Multnomah...
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Photo of House Boats on the Columbia River
Map of levees in Multnomah County, including on Sauvie Island
Collaboration and Problem Solving Before a Disaster Happens
The United States was impacted by 16 separate billion-dollar weather and climate disaster events in 2017 exceeding $300 billion in total damages[1]. The total was yet another new record for the U.S.
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a map of the boundaries for Pen 1, Pen 2, MCDD, & SDIC drainage districts along the Columbia Corridor
Portland Tribune: Shore up levee before it’s too late
The Portland area needs to learn from the experiences in New Orleans and Houston, where devastating urban floods - a decade apart - led to divisive...
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the Railroad Embankment at the western end of the levee system
Portland Tribune: When the levee breaks…the bank
Entire Portland area may be asked to help improve levee system via property tax-funded bonds...
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