Photo of the Columbia Corridor industrial buildings and the Columbia Slough
Portland Tribune: Risk of levee failure highest in North Portland
Columbia River waterline could swell to 37 feet, Geological Survey and Army Corps of Engineers say...
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Map of the leveed area along the Columbia River
Photo of a group of people standing by heavy equipment used to drill holes into a levee to assess its structural stability on a levee
Levee Drilling Program Complete!
As of May 1, 2017, Levee Ready Columbia successfully completed the drilling work required for...
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Photo of cars driving along the levee on Marine Drive
My View: Preparedness best response to flood risk
Proactive safety work will continue over the next few weeks as part of a collaboration to manage flood risk along the south shore of the Columbia River...
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Signage displayed on Marine Drive during levee investigation
Marine Drive Levee Check-up Coming Soon
In the next few months Levee Ready Columbia is scheduled to begin investigating the levee on which...
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Photo of the railroad embankment that serves as the far western edge of the levee system
Daily Journal of Commerce: Levees Critical to Northeast Portland
Portland’s extensive system of flood control measures along the Columbia and Sandy rivers has been found to require significant...
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Photo of people discussing levees during a 2016 technical forum
Partners Host Technical Forum
The Levee Ready Columbia partners met on September 14th to discuss next steps for strengthening state and federal partnerships and to hear staff reports on major program areas such as community outreach,  levee engineering assessments, the Rehabilitation and Inspection Program....
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Photo of people listening to a presentation at the NORFMA conference
Portland Levees in National Spotlight
This week the Levee Ready Columbia program is in the national spotlight as we welcome the National...
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photo of a house on top of the levee, providing an example of an encroachment
Big News for PEN 2 Levees
The levee along the Columbia River in Peninsula Drainage District #2 (PEN 2), one of the four Levee Ready Columbia drainage districts, is among the most densely developed levee sections in the country...
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photo of the LRC Project Team after Declaration of Cooperation signing in 2015
Levee Ready Funds Phase 2
On a rainy Wednesday night in Fairview Oregon, the Fairview city council unanimously agreed to sign intergovernmental agreements, and to join over 20 other...
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