Photo of the Columbia Corridor industrial buildings and the Columbia Slough
Portland Tribune: Risk of levee failure highest in North Portland
Columbia River waterline could swell to 37 feet, Geological Survey and Army Corps of Engineers say...
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Infographic showing how flooding would affect the four drainage districts
Study quantifies flood risk on the Lower Columbia
There have been five major floods on the lower Columbia since 1894, including the 1948 Vanport Flood, which...
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Levee and Flood Wall along the Columbia River in North Portland
Portland Tribune: Could Vanport Flood happen again?
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State study shows just how vulnerable we are if any Columbia River flood-control levees fail...
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2016 NORFMA Conference
Lessons from around the Northwest
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Staff from Levee Ready Columbia returned from Yakima, Washington and the Northwest Regional Regional Floodplain...
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Photo of people discussing levees during a 2016 technical forum
Partners Host Technical Forum
The Levee Ready Columbia partners met on September 14th to discuss next steps for strengthening state and federal partnerships and to hear staff reports on major program areas such as community outreach,  levee engineering assessments, the Rehabilitation and Inspection Program....
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photo of a house on top of the levee, providing an example of an encroachment
Big News for PEN 2 Levees
The levee along the Columbia River in Peninsula Drainage District #2 (PEN 2), one of the four Levee Ready Columbia drainage districts, is among the most densely developed levee sections in the country...
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