Aerial photo of Peninsula Drainage District #1
Portland Tribune: Let it flow during next Columbia River flood?
Some want to let the river flow onto nearby green areas rather than replace the levee that failed in the 1948...
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Drawing of a wave coming over the St Johns Bridge used by the Willamette Week for story about flooding
Willamette Week: Levees Protect Portland From Texas-Style Flooding
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Levees Protect Portland From Texas-Style Flooding in an Age of Extreme Weather. We’re Falling Behind on their Upkeep...
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Photo of a group of people standing by heavy equipment used to drill holes into a levee to assess its structural stability on a levee
Levee Drilling Program Complete!
As of May 1, 2017, Levee Ready Columbia successfully completed the drilling work required for...
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Photo of cars driving along the levee on Marine Drive
My View: Preparedness best response to flood risk
Proactive safety work will continue over the next few weeks as part of a collaboration to manage flood risk along the south shore of the Columbia River...
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Signage displayed on Marine Drive during levee investigation
Marine Drive Levee Check-up Coming Soon
In the next few months Levee Ready Columbia is scheduled to begin investigating the levee on which...
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Photo of drainage district staff cleaning up debris during 2015 high water event
FEMA Aid Received for December 2015 Storm
This week we learned that Multnomah County Drainage District and Sandy Drainage Improvement Company, two of LRC's partners, received $46,000 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to...
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2016 NORFMA Conference
Lessons from around the Northwest
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Staff from Levee Ready Columbia returned from Yakima, Washington and the Northwest Regional Regional Floodplain...
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Photo of people discussing levees during a 2016 technical forum
Partners Host Technical Forum
The Levee Ready Columbia partners met on September 14th to discuss next steps for strengthening state and federal partnerships and to hear staff reports on major program areas such as community outreach,  levee engineering assessments, the Rehabilitation and Inspection Program....
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Photo of people listening to a presentation at the NORFMA conference
Portland Levees in National Spotlight
This week the Levee Ready Columbia program is in the national spotlight as we welcome the National...
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Reed Wagner, Executive Director of Multnomah County Drainage District, talks about the history of the levees from a boat in the Columbia River
Portland Tribune: City hopes conference will help find a fix for Columbia levee
A week after floodwaters battered Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the nation’s leading...
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