MetroEast’s Community Hotline Interview
On Wednesday, December 11th, Levee Ready Columbia's Public Affairs & Communications Manager, Evyn Mitchell, had the opportunity to sit down with Monica Weitzel, host of the Community Hotline program, produced by MetroEast Community Media to talk about our local levee...
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Columbia Slough levee
OPB: Legislature Comes Up With New Plan for Shoring Up Levees
The Oregon Legislature passed a law this session that will create a new district for managing and funding the levees on the Columbia River. Now, everyone who lives in the Multnomah County urban growth boundary could be on the hook...
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Photo of Columbia River House Boat community taken from levee in the Bridgeton Neighborhood
Portland Tribune: House, Senate Give Nod to Multnomah County Levee District
A new taxing district may ask Multnomah County voters to search their pockets for the cost of a capital improvements bond to keep the Columbia River corralled...
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Photo of the Columbia Corridor industrial buildings and the Columbia Slough
Portland Tribune: Risk of levee failure highest in North Portland
Columbia River waterline could swell to 37 feet, Geological Survey and Army Corps of Engineers say...
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Aerial photo of Peninsula Drainage District #1
Portland Tribune: Let it flow during next Columbia River flood?
Some want to let the river flow onto nearby green areas rather than replace the levee that failed in the 1948...
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photo of a levee and the columbia slough
Portland Tribune: Bills seek tax aid to shore up levee system
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All Portlanders might help pay to protect the city from Columbia River floods, if lawmakers vote to authorize...
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photo of US Senator Ron Wyden testifying
KATU News: Oregon lawmakers push for flood protection feasibility study for Portland
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Oregon lawmakers are urging federal officials in Washington D.C. to support a flood protection feasibility study...
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photo of people walking on Broughton Beach along the Columbia River
Portland Tribune: County property owners may pay for flood control
County property owners may pay for flood control By Steve Law | published April 17, 2018 Columbia River levee system needs more funding to win federal approval, most of Multnomah County may be asked to share the funding load. Multnomah...
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Photo of House Boats on the Columbia River
Levee and Flood Wall along the Columbia River in North Portland
Portland Tribune: Could Vanport Flood happen again?
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State study shows just how vulnerable we are if any Columbia River flood-control levees fail...
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