a map of the boundaries for Pen 1, Pen 2, MCDD, & SDIC drainage districts along the Columbia Corridor
Portland Tribune: Shore up levee before it’s too late
The Portland area needs to learn from the experiences in New Orleans and Houston, where devastating urban floods - a decade apart - led to divisive...
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the Railroad Embankment at the western end of the levee system
Portland Tribune: When the levee breaks…the bank
Entire Portland area may be asked to help improve levee system via property tax-funded bonds...
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Drawing of a wave coming over the St Johns Bridge used by the Willamette Week for story about flooding
Willamette Week: Levees Protect Portland From Texas-Style Flooding
Levees Protect Portland From Texas-Style Flooding in an Age of Extreme Weather. We’re Falling Behind on their Upkeep...
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Screenshot of Reporters during KGW News Coverage on Flooding Potential in Portland Area
KGW 8: ‘The risk is real’: Official warns of potential levee breaches, flooding
The jaw-dropping images out of Texas have left some along the Columbia River worried about how...
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Photo of cars driving along the levee on Marine Drive
My View: Preparedness best response to flood risk
Proactive safety work will continue over the next few weeks as part of a collaboration to manage flood risk along the south shore of the Columbia River...
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Photo of Senator Ron Wyden testifying
Business Oregon: Timber, levees and affordable housing top delegation priorities
Oregon’s congressional leaders are urging support of a feasibility study work plan for the...
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Photo of the railroad embankment that serves as the far western edge of the levee system
Daily Journal of Commerce: Levees Critical to Northeast Portland
Portland’s extensive system of flood control measures along the Columbia and Sandy rivers has been found to require significant...
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OPB: Vanport an Oregon Experience
||, ,
This week, OPB released a new edition of the Oregon Experience on the City of Vanport...
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Reed Wagner, Executive Director of Multnomah County Drainage District, talks about the history of the levees from a boat in the Columbia River
Portland Tribune: City hopes conference will help find a fix for Columbia levee
A week after floodwaters battered Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the nation’s leading...
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Picture of a levee along the Columbia Slough
KOIN 6: When the levee breaks – Portland’s now 60 years old
The Columbia River levee system protects more than $5 billion worth of property from flooding...
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