MetroEast’s Community Hotline Interview
On Wednesday, December 11th, Levee Ready Columbia's Public Affairs & Communications Manager, Evyn Mitchell, had the opportunity to sit down with Monica Weitzel, host of the Community Hotline program, produced by MetroEast Community Media to talk about our local levee...
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Columbia Slough levee
OPB: Legislature Comes Up With New Plan for Shoring Up Levees
The Oregon Legislature passed a law this session that will create a new district for managing and funding the levees on the Columbia River. Now, everyone who lives in the Multnomah County urban growth boundary could be on the hook...
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Photo of Columbia River House Boat community taken from levee in the Bridgeton Neighborhood
Portland Tribune: House, Senate Give Nod to Multnomah County Levee District
A new taxing district may ask Multnomah County voters to search their pockets for the cost of a capital improvements bond to keep the Columbia River corralled...
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Aerial photo of Peninsula Drainage District #1
Portland Tribune: Let it flow during next Columbia River flood?
Some want to let the river flow onto nearby green areas rather than replace the levee that failed in the 1948...
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Map of levees in Multnomah County, including on Sauvie Island
Collaboration and Problem Solving Before a Disaster Happens
The United States was impacted by 16 separate billion-dollar weather and climate disaster events in 2017 exceeding $300 billion in total damages[1]. The total was yet another new record for the U.S.
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Levee and Flood Wall along the Columbia River in North Portland
Portland Tribune: Could Vanport Flood happen again?
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State study shows just how vulnerable we are if any Columbia River flood-control levees fail...
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a map of the boundaries for Pen 1, Pen 2, MCDD, & SDIC drainage districts along the Columbia Corridor
Portland Tribune: Shore up levee before it’s too late
The Portland area needs to learn from the experiences in New Orleans and Houston, where devastating urban floods - a decade apart - led to divisive...
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the Railroad Embankment at the western end of the levee system
Portland Tribune: When the levee breaks…the bank
Entire Portland area may be asked to help improve levee system via property tax-funded bonds...
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Drawing of a wave coming over the St Johns Bridge used by the Willamette Week for story about flooding
Willamette Week: Levees Protect Portland From Texas-Style Flooding
Levees Protect Portland From Texas-Style Flooding in an Age of Extreme Weather. We’re Falling Behind on their Upkeep...
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Photo of a group of people standing by heavy equipment used to drill holes into a levee to assess its structural stability on a levee
Levee Drilling Program Complete!
As of May 1, 2017, Levee Ready Columbia successfully completed the drilling work required for...
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