All technical evaluation of levees is complete

Photo of heavy equipment used to drill holes into a levee to assess its structural stability on a levee

February 2018 - All technical evaluation of levees is complete

As of February 2018, all geotechnical investigation is completed in PEN 1, PEN 2, MCDD, and SDIC, and all freeboard embankment protection assessment is complete. Interior drainage analysis has been completed in all four districts, though some updates will be needed based on project completion; the analysis of structural encroachments has been completed in all four districts. Outfall inspections are complete in PEN 1 and toe drain inspections are completed in PEN 1, MCDD, and SDIC.

In addition to the deficiencies identified in PEN 1 and PEN 2, additional vulnerabilities have been identified at:

  • the cross‐levee between PEN 2 and MCDD needs remediation from damage sustained during previous high-water events
  • in MCDD, levee embankment remediation needed to repair damage is needed to fix erosion and damage caused by animal burrowing activity.
  • Between MCDD and SDIC, the Gate Tower Closure Structure at 223rd no longer functions. Major repairs would be needed to get the structure working again and the drain pipes under the cross levee need to be reconnected once the structure is function.

In addition to the structural issues with the levees themselves, issues associated with age and use have been identified with a number of the districts’ pumps and pump stations, which move a significant
amount of water out of the system during the winter, spring and early summer months. Some of the toe drains are old and in need of repairs, and the gravity outfall systems in MCDD and SDIC need to be

Many segments of the levee system do not meet modern levee standards and will need to be modernized in the years to come.

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