Evaluation starts in two eastern drainage districts

Signage displayed on Marine Drive during levee investigation

January 2017 - Evaluation starts in two eastern drainage districts

Geotechnical work program begins in SDIC and MCDD. The drilling is an important part of the process of boring into the levees to take soil samples and analyze the structural soundness of the levees.

The Army Corps approved the work plan for the drilling and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
reviewed and approved 88 locations through specific permits needed for work near the Troutdale and Portland International airports.

MCDD staff coordinated easement access and access agreements with local property owners, acquired street closure and opening permits from City of Portland, City of Gresham, and Multnomah County, and coordinated closely with the residents and businesses in the area, as well as first responders, as the planned work would result in the closure of a portion of the 40‐mile loop trail from Sundial Road to Graham Road, the Marine Drive multi‐use path between I‐205 and the Gleason Boat Ramp, and on Marine Drive.

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