The Vanport Flood

Aerial photo of Vanport flood

May 30, 1948 - The Vanport Flood

1948 was a very wet year, even by Oregon’s standards. A warm, rainy May caused the heavy snowfall in the mountains to melt quickly, leading to rapidly rising river conditions on the Columbia, which ultimately peaked 36.1 feet.

Around 4 p.m. on May 30th, Memorial Day, the railroad embankment on the western end of the levee system, collapsed under the pressure from the river, sending waves of water into the city. Within ten minutes, Vanport was inundated. In less than a day, the nation’s largest housing project – and Oregon’s second largest city – was destroyed. At least 15 people died,18,000 residents were left without homes, and scores were injured.

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Several local organizations are working to ensure the memory of Vanport does not fade:

Destruction and debris following 1948 Vanport Flood

Destruction and debris following 1948 Vanport Flood

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