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Levee Ready Columbia is a partnership of over twenty public, private, nonprofit, and community-based organizations committed to reducing the risk of flooding for an area critical to the region’s future and supporting the environment and recreational value of the lands along the Columbia River in the Portland metro region. A full list of the LRC project partners is available here.

Working together, the partnership is committed to:

  • Protecting lives, property, and the environment by strengthening our levees along the Columbia River
  • Maintaining local access to affordable flood insurance through FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program by bringing our levees up to new federal safety standards
  • Updating and improving the way the levee system is managed and funded
  • Establishing a more sustainable and equitable funding structure to support an improved levee system
  • Preparing for the future impacts of climate change
  • Building awareness of the local flood risk
  • Helping to enhance the environmental and recreational value of the managed floodplain

A timeline of Levee Ready Columbia’s major milestones and decisions is available below. To go directly to the structural issues we’ve identified that will need to be repaired to bring the levee system up to new federal standards, click here.

LRC's Major Milestones & Decision Points

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In response to COVID-19 Levee Ready Columbia and MCDD staff a in limited operations. Click here for more information.