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Photo of apartment buildings from Vanport wallow in floodwaters near North Denver Avenue. Buses can be seen on the road, lining up to pick up people fleeing the doomed city.
OPB: Vanport an Oregon Experience
This week, OPB released a new edition of the Oregon Experience on the City of Vanport...
Photo of drainage district staff cleaning up debris during 2015 high water event
FEMA Aid Received for December 2015 Storm
This week we learned that Multnomah County Drainage District and Sandy Drainage Improvement Company, two of LRC's partners,...
2016 NORFMA Conference
Lessons from around the Northwest
Staff from Levee Ready Columbia returned from Yakima, Washington and the Northwest Regional Regional Floodplain...
Photo of people discussing levees during a 2016 technical forum
Partners Host Technical Forum
The Levee Ready Columbia partners met on September 14th to discuss next steps for strengthening state and federal...
Photo of people listening to a presentation at the NORFMA conference
Portland Levees in National Spotlight
This week the Levee Ready Columbia program is in the national spotlight as we welcome the National...
Reed Wagner, Executive Director of Multnomah County Drainage District, talks about the history of the levees from a boat in the Columbia River
Portland Tribune: City hopes conference will help find a fix for Columbia levee
A week after floodwaters battered Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the nation’s leading...
Picture of a levee along the Columbia Slough
KOIN 6: When the levee breaks – Portland’s now 60 years old
The Columbia River levee system protects more than $5 billion worth of property from flooding...
Multi-generational crowd views 'The Wake of Vanport' at the April 2016 screening
The Skanner: You’re Invited to the Wake of Vanport
“The Wake of Vanport” is so named to honor the death of a city and the viewing of...
photo of O.B. Hill, 73, talking to Beaumont Middle School students about his life in the City of Vanport before the flood
Vanport will be topic of arts festival, gets its own book in vintage America series
Sixty-eight years ago this month, Oregon's second-largest city vanished...