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What’s at Risk

Every year, there’s a significant chance we’ll experience a major flood on the Columbia River in the Portland metro area.

A 27-mile levee system helps reduce the risk of flooding along the Columbia from North Portland through Gresham, Fairview, and Troutdale.

But no levee can eliminate all risk, and the federal government has deemed our levees inadequate to protect lives and for residents and business owners in the area to qualify for affordable flood insurance.

map of levee protected area
CLICK TO SEE MORE DETAIL. The levees protect a number of homes, businesses, jobs, and historic, cultural, environmental, and recreational resources.


And the stakes are high

an airplance icon to represent the airport protected by levees

22 million passengers annually at PDX .

a water glass icon to represent drinking water protected by levees

2nd largest source of drinking water in Oregon

a dollar icon to represent the economic activity protected by levees

$16 billion in economic activity annually.

a house icon representing all the homes protected by the levee system

Over 7,500 residents

icon of a man wearing a helmet representing someone working in the columbia corridor

Over 59,000 jobs

a road icon representing all the freeways, highways and roads protected by the levee system

sections of I-5, I-205, and I-84

circle graphic that is half pink and half red representing 50%

50% of the region’s manufacturing and warehouse jobs

a turtle icon representing all the natural areas protected by the levee system

important habitat for endangered and protected species

a house icon representing all the homes protected by the levee system

$7.3 billion in assessed property value

a tree and picnic table icon representing all the parks protected by the levee system

Over 2,000 acres of parks, open spaces, and recreational areas

a hand icon representing all the service organizations protected by the levee system

Important nonprofit services like the Food Bank and more

a tree icon representing all the forest areas protected by the levee system

1.4 million trees and shrubs planted by the City of Portland and partners along the slough

a fighter jet icon representing the military airports that are protected by the levee system

The Oregon Air National Guard and other first responders

a bike icon representing recreational trails along the levee system

17 miles of multi-use path on Marine Drive

a shopping icon representing people doing their shopping in areas protected by the levee system

shopping including Cascade Station, IKEA, Walmart, Target, Costco, Lowe’s and more.

icon of a person rowing in a canoe

19 miles of water trails for canoeing and kayaking

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